Moment Time Stood Still, The

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Author: Kimes, Kevin

Paperback: 42 pages

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing

Fourth grade is tough enough, let alone changing schools midyear. That is exactly what Ben and his first-grade sister, Tilda, must do as their mother, Amelia, is taking on a new job in a different city. This job change requires them to move as well.

Relying on the lessons learned from his parents, Ben comes face-to-face with Stew, who has not yet learned from his mistakes and hurtful behavior-all on the first day of school, in a place that is supposed to be about correct choices: respect, responsibility, cooperation, and safety. This becomes the moment time stood still. How will Ben handle the teasing and pushing? Where will his courage and strength come from? What will others do and say? How will Stew react?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review