On Track Reading



On Track Reading Tutoring Program at Book Mark in Ludington

During the 2023-24 school year, Book Mark will provide free tutoring in foundational reading skills for students in kindergarten through third grade.

Quick assessments in foundational reading skills will be administered to each student and lessons will focus on students’ instructional needs. Students will be tutored in small-groups by professional educators trained in the science of reading.

A 30-minute reading lesson will include word recognition skills, language comprehension, and include a snack.

  • Word recognition skills will be supported through 
    • phonological awareness,
    • phonics, and
    • fluency activities targeted to students’ instructional needs.
  • Language comprehension skills will be enhanced through
    • interactive reading where the tutor will conduct a read aloud and facilitate a discussion about the story to enhance
      • oral language and
      • vocabulary knowledge.

Tutors will use evidence-based instructional materials including

  • Teacher Guides for Supporting Family Involvement in Foundational Reading Skills for Grades K-3
    developed by the Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast and
  • Student Center Activities
    developed by the Florida Center for Reading Research.

Team members include:

  • Dr. Robert Kosanovich, Professor Emeriti, Ferris State University and
    owner of Book Mark
  • Carole Kosanovich, Professor Emeriti, Ferris State University and owner of Book Mark
  • Dr. Marcia Kosanovich, CEO, MK Educational Research & Practice, LLC
  • Volunteers, including many retired teachers, with many years of experience in education.

Guides, Videos, and Student Centered Activities (available soon)


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