Last Pickled Beets, The

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Author: Rowley, Roxanne

Paperback: 123 pages

Publisher: Parkhurst Brothers


Growing up in rural Central Michigan before the advent of ever-present technology and the constant bombardment of 24/7 news channels meant a much simpler upbringing than childhoods of today.

Yes, there was the Cold War going on, but the news was in much smaller doses then and it was easier to not notice—and worry—so much.

My five brothers and I played outdoors daily and were required to do chores on our little farm. Homework was a must. We read a lot (because our second-hand TV was frequently on the fritz) and played board games when the weather was inclement. It was a memorable childhood that shaped my brothers and me into the adults we would become: hardworking, respectful, and family-centered.

This book is comprised of some of the columns I wrote for our local paper and many of them are recollections of incidents from my growing up years. These little vignettes, while rather autobiographical in nature, seemed to appeal to others who grew up during the same time period. So I hope that this book might stir up fond memories of your childhood and perhaps even some from your adulthood.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review