Hitchhiker, The

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Author: Young, Joan H

Series: Dubois Files (Book 2)

Paperback: 142 pages

Publisher: Books Leaving Footprints

Set in the 1950s, Cora Dubois, Jimmie Mosher and their friends, Laszlo, George, and Ruby, discover they have a talent for getting to the bottom of local mysteries. Each book includes a "forgotten" craft or skill, and may address social/moral issues of the mid-twentieth century. In The Hitchhiker (Dubois Files book #2), Cora's family gives a hitchhiker a ride. He didn't seem to speak English, and Cora's mother thought he was ill. Then Jimmie went exploring and found more than he expected. The hitchhiker was not only sick, but he wanted the children to help him. If only they could have understood what he was saying! It took four of them to solve his problem. Enjoyed by readers ages 6-12.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review