Grandpa's Chicken Soup

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Author: Marlar, Debra L.

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: AuthorHouse

My name is Debra L. Marlar, and I live in Lincoln, NE. To most who know me I am Deb or Debbie. I am also known as Deb by Mike, my husband of 35 years, Mom, Grandma or Grammy, daughter (Debbie Doo), sister (Debbie). Now that I am a Grandmother of four beautiful Grandchildren the feeling of wanting to pass on and build lasting memories has grown tremendously. So my experience with one of the warmest days in my life is what I have shared with you in my book. As I was growing up my Grandpa, Abe (Abram) Bornstein was a big part of my growing up. He not only taught me to tell time, play gin rummy, and make this great soup, he taught me that the bond and love between the generations is something that will stay in my heart and soul all my life. In writing this book I wanted to share just one day in which, I too pass on to my grandchildren, Grandpa's Chicken Soup.So please take the time, go out and make a memory with your little loved ones.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review