Explore! America's National Parks

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Author(s): Bailey, Hannah & Langlois, Krista.

Publisher: Kane Miller.

Hardcover: 96 pages.

America's 61 National Parks are a must-see for every nature lover and adventurer around the world, and Explore! America's National Parks shows the parks region by region, detailing not-to-be missed sights, as well as all the things to see and do. Would you like to kayak down a river? Or follow a trail of badger tracks? Or maybe take a ride on the back of a llama? With consultancy from a real Park Ranger, the book contains a variety of exciting and interactive information, from full-page landscape artwork, to activity spreads featuring flora and fauna to search for in the park, to maps plotting all 61 National Parks in each region. Plus, readers get a history of the parks, what to pack for camping and hiking, and information on environmental issues, endangered animals, and protecting the parks, and more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review