Cryptic Michigan: Woodland Revelations

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Author: Jager, Mark

Paperback: 65 pages

Publisher: Self Published

Voyage into the resplendent nebula of quintessential Michigan mysteries with Cryptic Michigan - Woodland Revelations.

Learn of underground whirlpools which are reported to send currents of earth energy into an arcane tree at a place called "The Keweenaw Vortex". Hear tales of eloquence about an ancient enigma just off the shores of Isle Royale. What some believe is an ancient underwater ruin, a strange edifice 3 miles long, 2 miles wide, with walls that stand 250 feet tall speaks from the depths. A myriad of equivocal wonders await you in a galaxy of shrouded enigmas. Learn of Michigan's micro island. Visit the Dymaxion House, a house now in Michigan designated by futuristic visionary Buckminster Fuller. Hear of a strange Michigan rock that weighs tons yet from a certain angle appears to be levitating. Find out about a strange rock engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphics, and many more. Go into a timeless quest of the above and beyond with Cryptic Michigan. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review