3 Day Getaways Michigan Back Roads

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Auther: Rademacher, Ron.

Paperback: 172 pages

Publisher: Ron Rademacher

You heard about an unusual festival, a beautiful secluded inn or a hidden waterfall. Maybe someone told you about caves of ice, gatherings of butterflies or mysterious stone carvings deep in the forest. Perhaps you want to visit an inn with its own lighthouse or find the best burger in all of Michigan. Maybe you just want to get away for a couple of days.

With some much deserved time off, you hit the road for a 3 Day Getaway. When you arrive at your primary destination, there is something you need to know..."What is there to do for fun around here?"

What are the local attractions? Are there any trails nearby? Are there unusual markets? Is there any history or any mysteries to explore? What is the best scenic drive? Where shall we stay? Where can we shop? Where should we eat? 

3 Day Getaways- Michigan Back Roads is a collection of getaways to places you might have overlooked. There are getaways to every part of the state, but many will be to places you haven't visited or even heard of. This book doesn't cover every aspect of each destination, there is still plenty for you to discover on your own.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review