1001 Words for Success

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Series: QuickStudy

Chart: 6 pages

Publisher: BarCharts


This best-of, quick reference thesaurus will ensure you find the perfect word faster than an internet search or 300 page book. In 6 laminated pages, the words handpicked by our wordsmith Erin Brenner (speaker, writer, and contributor to thesaurus and vocabulary-related websites) are selections based on twenty plus years of word-choice through her editorial expertise. These powerful words can raise everything from test scores to social status. Essays and speeches with a broad yet expertly honed vocabulary have elevated people to the highest forms of leadership. Those leaders say the use of the right word at the right instant is crucial. In school, with the right vocabulary in your toolbox, the better grades you will build. In business, communication skills can make or break a career. Have the best selection handy for reference while writing, memorizing or preparing a speech.
6 page laminated guide includes:

  • Well over 1001 words with definitions
  • Part of speech signified per word
  • Words include best synonym & antonym per word
  • Select homophones included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review