Villains are Destined to Die Vol.2

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Auther: Gyeoeul, Gwon.

Publisher: Ize Press.

Paperback: 256 pages.

“Nothing good can come from a relationship built on secrets.”

Penelope’s fate is looking grim, but she’s got a plan: sneak out, rescue Eckles, and secure herself a one-way ticket out of death. The problem with making the seemingly docile boy her “all-in” love interest? He’s a lot more dangerous than she expected! A single bad hand means she’ll go bust, and Penelope quickly realizes she needs a backup plan—that is, a backup man! Winter appears to be the obvious choice, but there’s more to the enigmatic sorcerer than meets the eye…With the odds stacked against her, will Penelope be able to play her cards right?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review