Off She Goes to Mexico!

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Auther: Laural Conran.

Publisher: Palmetto publishing

Paperback: 30 pages.

Age Range: Baby-12.

Grade Level: kindergarten-6.

One day in late October, eight-year-old Eva decides to follow the monarchs she sees to a swamp of milkweed, where she finds caterpillars on every leaf! One little caterpillar has white spots on her back. Eva's grandmother Lolly says it means the caterpillar won't become a monarch--the spots are tachinid fly eggs! Eva makes it her mission to save the little caterpillar, but can she do it? Will Eva be able to help her become the beautiful monarch she's meant to be?

In this heartwarming, uplifting tale, Eva works to solve the problem by creating a monarch habitat, and protecting them from predators. Filled with excitement, energy, and passion, children will follow along as Eva delights in all that nature has to offer--and she might just save a caterpillar's life in the process!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review