Cry of the Loon

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Author: Defreitas, Sally

Paperback: 207 pages

Publisher: PublishAmerica

Small town reporter Tracy Quinn and her detective boyfriend Frank are looking for mushrooms when they stumble upon the body of a woman in a shallow grave. The body is unidentified but bears indications that she is Native American. In search of clues, Frank and Tracy pay a visit to the Thunder Hawk tribal casino. They leave with no answers but a lot of new questions. Their suspicions about the casino increase when they discover a man in a grey car following them. It is Tracy who must finally confront this stranger. When they meet, he provides her with a single tantalizing clue about the woman's identity. But can the man be trusted? Or is he trying to lead the investigation astray? As Frank closes in on the killer, he doesn't realize that he is putting Tracy in mortal danger. But soon she must fight, all alone, for her sanity, her freedom and her life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review