An Excess Of Love

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Auther: Cathy Cash Spellman.

Publisher: Ingram.

Format: Paperback, 641 pages.

Three great love stories and the heartrending saga of two sisters devoted to each other and to Ireland, An Excess of Love brings the 1916 Easter Rising to vivid life. If you’ve ever longed for a deeper understanding of the Irish passion for freedom, this book will touch your heart and soul.The turbulence of the early 20th Century sweeps two aristocratic sisters into the maelstrom of Ireland’s bitter fight for freedom from the British Empire. Fired by defiant dreams, Con and Beth leave their pampered lives behind to follow their men, their Cause, and their dreams, into a revolution.Con, passionate and headstrong, denies her birthright and becomes a legend… Beth defies tradition to follow her heart, but pays an unbearable price for it. Tierney and Seaneen, the strong men who love these women, raise a storm of Rebellion, they can’t control. Follow them all into a future that demands sacrifice, daring and an excess of love, in a book that the New York Daily News called “Riveting!” and about which Romantic Times said, “This exceptionally touching, moving novel… wrenches the heart strings.”If Ireland, historical romance, the love of a sibling – or all three – are near and dear to your heart, this is a book you’ll cherish forever.Washington Post:“A lushly written saga of love and rebellion and Civil War.”The New York Daily News:“Riveting! A cast of rich characters that do honor to the novel’s rich material.”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review